green story

Reclaiming onsite timber that is taken down by natural causes or by the need to clear land for new construction is a specialty of Ervin Architectural Products. As part of our Standard Reclaimation Service, EAP will: estimate the yield of standing timber, propose uses for reclaimed timber, oversee sawyering process after timber has been fallen, inventory, handle and transport rough sawn lumber, cull, straightline and size rough sawn lumber, kiln dry lumber, mill rough dry lumber into profiles as specified and deliver back to jobsite. Contact us for an estimate before you take down your beautiful trees.


EAP Believes in Sustainability

  • We don't just say it. We mean it.
  • We reclaim our wood waste and reuse it as fuel (After making a significant investment in waste processing equipment).
  • We optimize each piece of lumber for maximum yield and minimum waste.
  • We practice lean manufacturing.
  • We practice reduce, recycle and reuse in daily operations.

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